Map of the land of Les Comes, including some of its most characteristic zones and part of the 70 kilometres of trail there are.


  • FONTETES: Easy access, hard realisation. A Les Comes classic you cannot miss. It is a zone of deep tyre tracks and narrow path that turns quite complicated when there is mud. To do preferentially with a minimum of two vehicles.
  • PUIG DE SANTS: Hard access, hard realisation. The highest point of Les comes (614 metres) can be reached through a slope covered in loose stone. The downhill part follows: another steep slope with a complicated step on the way.
  • PORTELL DE LLOP: Easy access, easy realisation. A reference point from which there is a beautiful view over the Pyrenees when the weather is good. From this point, one can either go back to the house or take other paths to make the tour longer.
  • PUIG ALTER / PLAÇA CATALUNYA: Easy access, medium realisation. Another characteristic point of Les Comes (522 metres), especially interesting because of its spectacular view, over the local region and the beautiful mountain of Montserrat on the one side and of Les Comes on the other. To get back to the house one can either take a steep slope downhill for which a reduction gearbox or electronic aid is needed or go through an easier, more accessible trail.
  • BASSA DEL MOLAR: Easy access, easy realisation. Another reference point, and the start of many paths, some of which lead straight to the house.
  • BASSA LA CANAL: Easy access, easy realisation. From this point there’s a view over the northern part of Les Comes. Some trails start on this spot, some lead straight to the house through a steep downhill slope and the others lead North, to the most distant part from the house.
  • VILADELLEVA: Easy access, easy realisation. Viladelleva is a traditional Catalan country house next to a pre-Romanesque chapel and a Necropolis from the 13th century. From there one can take a path to the most distant parts of the land.
  • PONT DE TRES TRONCS: Medium access, hard realisation. Pass through many log bridges that hang over a creek. Copilot or external aid advised.
  • MINA: Easy access, easy realisation. Most occidental point of the property. From that point there is a view over Suria’s salt mines.
  • ZONA PARAL·LELS: Easy/medium access, medium/hard realisation. Many parallel paths that get together in some particular points through hard realisation trails.
  • LA CREUETA: Easy access, easy realisation. Point of reference and crossroad. From this point, one can continue around the southern zone, closer to the house, or follow the path to Viladelleva for a longer tour.
  • LA CLOSA: Easy access, hard realisation. It is easy get to the house of La Closa, but from there one can take a narrow trail with stone floor, ideal to execute at low speed, using a reduction gearbox.
  • LLOSA VELLA: Medium access, hard realisation. The Llosa Vella is a stone floored steep trail that leads to other high difficulty trails. In the case of rain, it is advised to not face this trail or to consult a member of the organisation.
  • LLOSA NOVA: Hard access, hard realisation. The Llosa Nova is one of the most charismatic points in Les Comes. A lateral path on natural stone floor that leads onto another difficult trail: a V-shaped path before the ascent to Puig de Sants. This one is, without a doubt, a trail that is only suitable for reduction gearbox equipped vehicles and for experienced pilots.
  • ERMITA DE LURDES: Medium access, medium realisation. Beautiful trail that follows the summit of the mountain, spectacular views, and technical, fun descent with some steps and tyre tracks.
  • BROWN ZONES 1, 2, 3 & 4: Easy access, very hard realisation. Any of the brown zones require a prepared vehicle and experienced pilot and copilot.