What is “Les Comes 4×4 Festival”? It is a concentration of multi-ATVs that will be held at “Les Comes” in Suria (Barcelona). This is a festive event and it is not in any way a competition or sporting event.

How I can join? You can sign up by filling the registration form you will find on the web page “www.lescomes4x4festival.com” or just by coming to Les Comes on the weekend the event is held.

Do I need to buy entrance tickets for all attendees? No, you only need to buy one ticket per vehicle. The companions must pay 10€ on the entrance the same days of the event. 3 years old kids or less, don’t pay. Likewise, vehicles other than 4×4, any person entering on foot will be charged 10€ per person.

Can I attend the event as a visitor? Yes, but you will not be allowed to participate in activities in which the use of the vehicle is required. You must register at reception and pay 5€ for each person. There is a parking for visitors.

Can I get in and out of the venue as many times as I want? Yes.

Do I have to sign up for different activities? No, you just need to be at the place where they are held on time.

Can I bring my pet? Yes, as long as you follow the appropriate security measures. Owners will have full responsability of their pets.

Will people with physical disabilities be able to attend? Yes, they can enjoy almost every activity we have prepared.

– Is it possible to arrive on Thursday? No. The first day that you can access to Les Comes is Friday at 9:00 a.m.