Les Comes 4×4 Festival was created to be the event for all lovers of the 4×4 world. A place where professionals, 4×4 enthusiasts, adventurers and nature lovers have their meeting point to share experiences in lovely surroundings.

The estate of Les Comes is the place where the meeting takes place. 1 hour from France, 45 minutes from Barcelona and well connected with ​​Girona, Lleida and Tarragona. This natural area of ​​518 hectares of land and 70km of forest tracks, with different levels of difficulty is transformed to accommodate 4×4 enthusiasts to spend a great weekend with the whole family.

The main thread is obviously 4×4 drive in all its facets, either for trade and exposure for professionals, or for amateurs and enthusiasts looking for different experiences.

We started a new concept of event where we will try again to surprise all attendees while preserving the values ​​that we have always transmitted in Les Comes: dedication, quality, new ideas and above all the intention that all participants keep good Festival memories until the next edition.