The 9th edition of Les Comes 4×4 Festival has a new dates:

October 30-31 and November 1 2020


Les Comes 4×4 Festival announces its new celebration date after being postponed in application of the Covid-19 prevention protocol. 


Three months after announcing that Les Comes 4×4 Festival 2020 was postponed, during which we have lived through two months of quarantine, an alarm state and periods of total productive inactivity, we want to announce that the Event will take place from October 30 to November 30, 2020.

The Event that was originally due to be held from 13 to 15 March was postponed because of Covid-19 prevention measures imposed by the competent authorities, which prohibited the holding of events for more than 1,000 people from Thursday, March 12. It is clear that, on that date, Les Comes Team, had already prepared to the smallest detail of the Event, with the assembly and signage of the more than 70km of 4×4 tracks that offers its participants, among many other things.

At all times, people enrolled in the Event have had the possibility to recover 100% of their registration if they wished. This same criterion will continue to be applied by the Organization once the new dates have been announced until 1 October 2020.

For all persons who have maintained their registration, they will maintain the same Number of Dorsal and the same conditions they had contracted before the postponement.  Likewise, this precedent, will applied to companies that have contracted any commercial or advertising action in the Event.

As for the people on the Waiting List, who ran out of entry or were only able to sign up for 1 day instead of 2-3, Organization will take them into account as soon as the competent authorities report the existence or not, of restrictions on the number of public allowed.

In this “new normality”, social distancing has become the norm and our events will also reflect this reality that affects everyone. The safety of our public has always been and will be our priority. The Organization will adapt the different measures in force to reactivate the events and leisure activities. We hope that everything evolves positively and that the Authorities are not forced to repeat the harsh measures that we have all been living.

In order to solve any doubt or question about the event, the Organization makes its e-mail  available to those interested, from which we will attend to them as quickly as possible. Both on the official website and on Social Networks @ lescomes4x4festival the most relevant information will be published and updated.

The Les Comes team wants to thank everyone for the patience, force and understanding that they have transmitted to us in recent months.




The event

With more than 1,300 participats and more than 15,000 attendees, Les Comes 4×4 Festival, is the largest active meeting of 4×4 vehicles in Europe and a great party for all motor lovers.

Similar to a ski resort, Les Comes offers to all owners of all-terrain vehicles, more than 70 kilometers of marked tracks classified by color according to their level of difficulty.

In addition, visitors or people without a 4×4 vehicle can enjoy a wide range of activities and shows related to motor and adventure.


The 70km of off-road tracks are undoubtedly the great attraction of the weekend for all participants. The paradise for all off-road lovers.

One of the main activities is also the Dakar BFGoodrich Exhibition, where you can see in action some vehicles of the 2020 Dakar Rally.

The Supertrack and the “Les Comes 4×4 Extreme” exhibition , will be some of the great attractions of this event, where you  will have the chance to see some of the most extreme 4×4 cars in the world.

Other activities: Les Comes 4×4 Tour, Adventure Zone, Children area, Welcome Festival, RC Crawlers exhibition, Trade fair.

Rates for visitors

*Allow the access to all activities except those that require the use of your own vehicle.

GRATIS – Visitors of 3 years or less.
5€ – Visitors from 4 to 10 years old.
10€ – Visitors from 10 years old.

  • The Ticket allow the acces all the weekend (3 days).
  • Visitors must pay on-site at Les Comes the same day of the event.

Refueling at the nearest gas station to Les Comes are all advantages. Click on the logo and find out:


A new scoring event, “LES COMES 4X4 EXTREM” will be held on 2021. The event is one of the races that complete the 4×4 Iberian King championship.

A race available for all type of vehicles, not only for UTV’s or extreme prototypes, but also for any vehicle derived from series!

If you love the 4X4 family and want to feel the adrenaline of participating in a spectacular race, please check the following link: LES COMES 4X4 EXTREM

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