Les Comes 4×4 Festival is a rally for cross-brand 4×4/SUV vehicles held on the “Les Comes” site in the town of Súria (Barcelona). This activity has a fun and festive nature, and is by no means a competition or sporting challenge.



Yes. During that weekend, Les Comes makes available to all attendees different catering points that include a large covered restaurant, and other drink and food spots akin to a regular bar.



Yes. At the main catering point, you will find all kinds of food and drink, including vegetarian or gluten-free dishes.


How can I register?

The inscription are complete. You can come as a visitor buying the ticket directly on Les Comes the same day of the event.


Can any 4 × 4 vehicle participate?

No. Only vehicles registered and insured can register as a participant and access the 4 × 4 tracks. If your vehicle can legally travel on public roads, you can participate and access the 4 × 4 tracks; otherwise, you will only be allowed to participate in exhibitions such as the Supertrack and Les Comes 4 × 4 Extreme.


Can a car without registration, without insurance, or without proof of ITV (UK’s MOT), participate?

If your vehicle cannot legally travel on public roads, it cannot circulate on the tracks of Les Comes. A vehicle with these characteristics can only participate in exhibitions. In this case, the owner must always contact the organization through the email to validate their participation in the exhibition.


Can I participate with a Nissan Qashqai SUV, Audi Q3, Seat Ateca, Kia Sportage, etc?

Yes. Les Comes has blue and green tracks that are especially suitable for these types of vehicles.


Is it necessary for all participants to register?

 No, only drivers and their vehicle must register through the web. Passengers and visitors must obtain their ticket at the Les Comes ticket office on the same day of the event.


Is the number of participants limited?

 Yes. To guarantee the overall quality of the event, 4 × 4 tracks may only be accessed by 900 cars on Friday, 900 on Saturday, and 900 on Sunday.


Can I camp at Les Comes?

 Yes, but the campground is limited to 550 participants. As this figure is reached, no more participants or visitors will be allowed to camp.


Can I book the Campground?

 No. However, groups with over six vehicles which would like to camp together are encouraged to inform the Organisation in advance for organisational purposes. The remaining participants, particularly those with a preferred camping spot, should plan on arriving on the first days of the event (this advice is especially valid for caravans).


I cannot attend. Can I give my ticket to a colleague?

 No. Registrations are nominative. If you cannot attend the event, your registration will be cancelled and your spot taken by the corresponding person on the waiting list.


I failed to secure my ticket: do I have any other option?

 After tickets are exhausted, we will make available a form on the official website where you can register and enter the waiting list. If a registered participant cannot attend the event, his/her registration will be cancelled and the organization will contact the first person from the list, and so on.


I’m travelling with a vehicle in tow and I would like to camp. How much should I pay?

 Camping registration includes 1 vehicle, driver, and a tent. If you want to get another vehicle in the camping area, either another 4 × 4, a passenger car, caravan, motorhome, etc, you must pay one additional camping car at a cost of €40/vehicle for the whole weekend.


 Can I camp on Thursday or Sunday night through Monday?

Yes, but at an additional cost. Participant camping includes the night from Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday. Participants can book additional camping days on-site at Les Comes on the same Thursday afternoon for €30.


Can I take the trailer into the campground?

No. To optimise the available space, Les Comes makes available to the participants a free parking lot for trailers with around-the-clock surveillance. Participants who come with trailers must leave them in this area.


Can I still participate if I don’t have a 4×4 vehicle?

Yes, but only as a visitor. Visitors can do the same activities as participants except those that require the use of their own vehicle. For example, you will not be able to access the 4 × 4 tracks or participate with your car in exhibitions.


I want to come as a visitor. Can I buy my ticket in advance?

 No. Visitor tickets are only sold at Les Comes on the same days of the event.


How much does it cost to come as a visitor?

Adults and children over 10 years: € 10
Children from 4 to 10 years old: € 5
Children under 3 years old: Free

These fees include access to the venue the 3 days of the event (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Once you have your ticket, you will be given an accreditation bracelet and a car sticker that you must keep in order to return the next day.


What does the visitor’s ticket include?

Tickets grant access to the site and to all activities carried out inside, except for those that require the vehicle itself. Visitors enjoy free access within scheduled hours: exhibitions, courses, trade show, children’s activities, adventure area, concerts, conferences, etc. Check the list of activities on the web for further information.


Can visitors camp?

No. Participants have priority in this respect. Once the campground is full, neither participants nor visitors will be allowed to camp.


Can I enter and leave the site as many times as I want?

 Yes, as long as you do it during the scheduled hours, your vehicle bears the sticker, and you carry the bracelet.


Do I have to sign up for the different activities?

 No. You need only show up at the place indicated at the agreed time to participate.


Can I take my pet along?

 Yes, provided you take appropriate measures. All dogs must be on a leash at all times and dangerous breeds must always be muzzled. The organization declines all responsibility for whatever happens to a companion animal.


Can people with physical disabilities access the site?

 Yes. Bear in mind though that most of the activities take place in a rural area and roads are not paved.