The Raid Slot is the form of competition with models of TT vehicles at scale.

These competitions are held in Slot circuits made of plastic material or wood with dunes, rivers, jumps, stones and hazards as the participants are as in any test of Raids in the world.

They are known as Raid Slots because they take the names of the main events of the Raid Championship.

This competition is based on passing through some sections in the shortest possible time without accumulating penalties or destroying the vehicles.

Desert Slot and Dune Slot, are specialists in replicas of Slot vehicles participating in tests of Raids prior to the year 2000.

Vehicles such as VW Iltis, Land Rover, Range Rover, Mitsubishi, Pegasus, Tatra, Kamaz, Iveco, Buggy,

These models are made, manufactured, decorated according to the real model of the year that played the test.

They are models built with epoxy resin and fiberglass. The body and the chassis are built with different materials according to the manufacturer.

The measures and weights established for these models are established by specific technical regulations for each of the places or cities where these competitions are held.

Hoping that this event is of your liking and you want to know this “reduced competition” we hope you in the activity that we organize in Les Comes 4×4 Festival.


P.S. We appreciate the collaboration of CLM Raid for their help in the writing of this writing.