Acceptance of conditions of participation:

The event attendee, of legal age and with full capacity to act, voluntarily participates in the activities organized by Les Comes 4×4 Festival (and/or hereinafter FES4X4) and specifically subscribes:

  • That in this act I am given: Emergency Plan and 4×4 Track Map.
  • That the Organizer of Les Comes 4×4 Festival (PROMOTOR LES COMES SPECIAL EVENTS, S.L. B66437088), undertakes to fulfill its responsibilities under the terms and conditions set forth in the Regulations.
  • That I declare to know the content of said Regulation, which I accept in its entirety and which is available on the event’s website.
  • That I declare that I meet the minimum requirements (technical, physical and material) for the practice of the activity and that they conform to reality. Said requirements consist, by way of example, of; Be in possession of a class B driver’s license, being able to show my driver’s license when requested. Have the original documentation of the vehicle, legally updated and current registration certificate, ITV and compulsory civil liability insurance. Have good health and good enough eyesight to pass the medical examination for the driver’s license. Not have any illness and/or disability that prevents me from driving or carrying out any activity scheduled at the event.
  • That I declare to know that the activities of Les Comes 4×4 Festival pose a danger, risk of injury and/or death due to the leisure and/or sports activity and the other activities carried out at the event. Some of these injury risks may be by way of example: sprains, strains, fractures, cold or heat injuries, overexertion syndrome, insect or animal bites and stings, contact with poisonous plants or plants that can cause allergies, loss of consciousness, drowning, heart disease, injuries involving vehicles and motorcycles, permanent or temporary paralysis, attacks of all kinds (asthma, epileptic, anxiety, etc.), allergies, back pain, etc.
  • That I accept the risks inherent in participating in said activity.
  • That I promise to follow the indications of the Traffic Code and the signage and instructions of the Organization and its employees (instructors). That due to the nature of the different activities, they require some skill and a lot of caution. For this reason, I declare that I know that I must take the possible measures to avoid creating dangerous situations, both for myself and for passengers or other vehicles.
  • That I declare to know that the use of a seat belt is mandatory for all occupants of the vehicle. Both on roads and tracks.
  • That I declare to know that during the activities of Les Comes 4×4 Festival, especially during driving activities, you can never be under the influence of alcohol or any drug, which would imply a reduction in your physical/motor capacity to any activity.
  • That I declare that I am aware of my obligation with respect to the minors identified on the previous page, and I make them participate voluntarily and freely in the Les Comes 4×4 Festival show and in the complementary recreational activities, assuming my obligation to watch over and prevent the minors in my charge from not participate in dangerous activities or that they take the necessary measures to minimize the risk in case of participating.
  • That I exempt the Organization of Les Comes 4×4 Festival, the shareholders and/or any natural or legal person linked to the organization of Les Comes 4×4 Festival, from the responsibilities derived from any accident caused by facts derived from individual actions taken at margin of the indications of the Organization and its employees.
  • That I exempt the aforementioned from any damage that, for health reasons, may arise from my participation or that of my companions in this activity, personally assuming the inherent risk to health that the physical effort required to participate in this activity entails.
  • That I exempt the aforementioned from any liability that may arise from participation in the activity, such as loss or deterioration of personal belongings, due to theft, loss or other circumstances.
  • That I have been informed that the Organizing company of Les Comes 4×4 Festival has a personal accident insurance policy for practitioners and a RC insurance policy with the conditions and amounts thereof.
  • That I declare to know that during Les Comes 4×4 Festival we can be filmed and photographed for the use of the Organization. That the content derived from these recordings and/or photographs will be used as promotional material and disclosed in internal and/or external audiovisual media. That I agree to give my consent so that my image and that of my companions can be used for the promotion and dissemination of the Event’s image in all its formats (radio, press, video, photo, DVD, internet, posters, media, social networks, etc.) and I assign all the rights related to their commercial and advertising exploitation that they deem appropriate to execute. That I declare to know my right to avoid such use and to exercise it I must notify the Organization of Les Comes 4×4 Festival in writing.
  • That I have been informed that the Organizing company of Les Comes 4×4 Festival guarantees compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the U.E. 2016/679 and the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data informing that the personal data that you have provided has been freely provided and that you have been unequivocally informed about the purpose of the collection. The recipients of your data will be the different departments of Promoter Les Comes Special Events, S.L. as well as the third; Michelin Spain Portugal, S.A. (hereinafter, MEPSA), which guarantee that the privacy of this data will be respected at all times and undertake to guard it to prevent its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access. You may at any time exercise the rights protected by the data protection regulations, access, rectification, portability, cancellation, opposition, limitation and right to be forgotten about your personal data by writing to Promotor Les Comes Special Events, S.L. Pol. Ind. El Cortès 12 08262 Callús with a copy of your identification.
  • That I declare that I do not present symptoms of having Covid19 at the time of attending the Land Rover Party, neither I nor my companions identified in the previous pages. In case of having passed the disease, I declare that we have exceeded the appropriate quarantine period. I declare that we have not been in contact with infected people nor have we traveled to risk areas, officially declared as such by the Authorities, in the 14 days prior to the date of this document.

These conditions must be accepted at the time of accessing the event, accepting the conditions of the contract.